Tuesday Jan 5th – the stand Glasgow

Wednesday 27th January,
7 arts centre, Chapel Allerton Leeds

Thursday 28th January, The Stand Glasgow

Friday 29th January, The Stand Glasgow

Saturday 30th January the Stand Glasgow

Saturday 20th February – Full Oblivious show – Cumbernauld theatre – 7.45 pm - £10 a ticket

Fri March 4th – Jongleurs Leeds
Leeds Jonglurs, Friday Feb 12th

Yes bar Glasgow, Friday 25th March

Glasgow Stand, Monday April 11th , (bipolar charity gig)

Glasgow Stand, Thursday 9th June
Glasgow Stand, Friday 10th June
Glasgow Stand , Saturday 11th June

Edinburgh Stand, Thursday 8th September
Edinburgh Stand, Friday 9th September
Edinburgh Stand, Saturday 10th September Edinburgh Stand

I think I may be as embarrassed as I’ve ever been. While passing a person on my quiet street this morning a cat in a nearby bush gave out an almighty screech. I got such a fright that I jumped and farted. I swear I heard that stranger snigger. I’m going to have to move! ...

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On Saturday in Glasgow I heard a rude wee boy demand some sweets from his Dad. The Dad tried to get his son to say ‘please’ by saying ’come on what’s P P P for? His wife totally undermined him by

shouting ‘Prick!’ A great gag but the child’s manners will suffer.

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At a wedding on Saturday I told this lady about my show tonight in the Yes Bar in Glasgow at 7.15. She put her hand on my shoulder and said ‘Oh good for you James, People need a good laugh these days. If you come along tonight I promise not to be a patronising twat! Doors at 7, tickets 8 quid. ...

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Afternoon all,
I’m putting on my oblivious show in the Yes bar in Glasgow next week as part of the Glasgow International comedy festival! It would be great to see you there. Tickets are £8 on the door. Hope to see you there!

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People of Cumbernauld! I’m performing my show ‘Oblivious’ in your glorious theatre on the 20th of Feb. If you’ve never seen this Blind Bombshell in action you’re in for a treat (so I’ve heard!). Tickets are a tenner and I canny wait to perform for you guys! ...

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